Simon Mosheshvili: A Corporate Man with Innovative Mind

Simon MosheshviliSimon Mosheshvili was born on 22 March 1975 in the ancient, proud, and hospitable country of Georgia. In 1993, as a promising and ambitious young man, he moved to the United States of America to complete his higher education. Here, in the walls of the prestigious Georgia State University, he got a degree in Computer Science and International Business Law.

Simon Mosheshvili is a gifted and experienced businessperson, chief, and high-profile professional in different aspects of information technology methodology. He continually introduces innovations and ensures the attainment of technical goals for enterprises, as well as provides a background for evaluating and choosing complex scientific solutions.

For over 17 years, Simon Mosheshvili has been working at March of Dimes as Chief Technology Officer. March of Dimes represents one of the most known charitable organizations in the United States, the principal focus of which is on improving the health of mothers and infants by preventing congenital defects, prematurity, and neonatal mortality. This philanthropic association was established over 80 years ago by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

At March of Dimes, Mr. Mosheshvili manages a team of 28 people across 54 offices throughout the United States. In addition to the work on conventional approaches to raising funds, he has also implemented advanced virtual techniques allowing those touched by this benevolent foundation to share their experiences and collect funds online. During his term, Simon Mosheshvili has also played an essential role in increasing the annual revenue from $60 million to more than 110 million US dollars.

Before he contributed to the growth and improvement of March of Dimes, Simon Mosheshvili held diverse positions – as a leading technology officer, analyst, and development director. At the early stages of his career, he cooperated with such companies as Beliefnet, Snickelways, Societe Generale & Cowen and Company, where he designed and realized various platforms for social networking and electronic commerce. When working for these organizations, he implemented the B2B system, as well as convenient conversion and integration tools for the merger of enterprises.

Besides providing and assisting other ventures with high-tech solutions and cutting-edge information technology tools, Simon Mosheshvili himself is the founder of several successful projects and a generous participant in various philanthropic institutions. Stay with us to learn more about this amazing person and what he does for the world!