All You Should Know about Azure Cloud

Cloud computing is becoming the buzzword of modern business globally due to its extensive cost-saving potential without any compromise on service quality. Microsoft embraced the potential of cloud services and launched Azure Cloud in 2010 to help businesses skip the lengthy and expensive stage of setting up their own server rooms, using the server power of Azure instead. Simon Mosheshvili discusses the benefits of this service and explains how the clients of Digital Edge may take advantage of it for their business growth and expansion.

All You Should Know about Azure Cloud

Why Use Azure Cloud?

The platform designed by Microsoft was specifically aimed to help enterprises migrate to the cloud and use the infinite power of Azure to scale their operations without the need for physical expansion. The product range available through Azure Cloud for businesses includes virtual machines, the storage of data and content, as well as content delivery networks. Additional services are branded Microsoft offerings custom-tailored to special business needs; for instance, businesses may utilize the RemoteApp service for remote deployment of Microsoft programs or the cloud-hosted alternatives to conventional Microsoft products.

Notable pluses of Azure Cloud distinguishing it from other enterprise-level cloud solutions include the complete interoperability of cloud computing services, their full integration with numerous open-source platforms (e.g., Ubuntu) enabling flexibility and variety. The product set of Azure also contains the IoT Suite, HDInsight, and Blockchain Services, among others. Hybrid cloud deployments are enabled with the Azure Stack solution.

How to Start Using Azure?   

If you’re not sure about how the Microsoft Azure product can benefit your business, you’re welcome to receive a consultation from Digital Edge specialists. They may analyze your business needs and cloud computing requirements to select an optimal service package for jumpstarting your work with Azure. At first, the newly registered users have to deposit $200 and can use it within the first thirty days of Azure use to choose the individual combination of services for their company.

Simon Mosheshvili believes that today is an ideal period for starting a business enhanced with cloud solutions from Microsoft as Azure products are now available with discounts for startups, non-profit organizations, and universities. Thus, all businesses directed toward sustainable growth and a positive social change can enjoy the benefits of high-tech solutions for their business development at friendly prices.